About Us

About Us

Here at Trevill Design we are looking to provide uniquely designed products on everyday items that individuals love! We're trying to keep costs low with our product quality high! We only started in 2018 but are making steady progress.

 Trevill Design started in the bedroom of a university student who had a deep passion for Fulham Football Club, London, England. After seeing the market for posters for this football club did not have too much to offer, he decided to create his own posters, and subsequently these caught on and people wanted to buy these posters. This is where it all started, and then more designs became available and even more individuals became interested and thus he started to also take requests for potential designs. 

This did not stay within the remit of sport for very long, as black cat designs were then created for fun, and on Reddit these became viral, with hundreds of people wanting the design on posters, t-shirts and phone cases themselves. It was then when the ultimate journey from bedroom designer to Trevill Design came about. Loads of research went into the best methods of creating websites, outsourcing products and printing and thus we finally ended on this website here, with what we strongly feel is the best options for product quality, printing, shipment and ultimately satisfaction. 

Since then, and by many requests, we have expanded from sport and animals to offer a range of different product themes. Our main themes for products are: Animals, Celebrities/Famous Icons and Music Stars, Sport including Football and NFL, and our own Trevill Brand.

If you feel that you still have unanswered questions about Trevill Design, just pop us an email at luke@trevill.co.uk. Also, if you have any design ideas you would like us to pop on any products, get in touch as well.